Client Success with iMIS

Asthma Australia and Asthma Foundations [Upgrade to iMIS 20]

Asthma Australia and Asthma Foundations Success with iMIS Fundraising Software

For more than 50 years, Asthma Australia and its members, the 8 state and territory Asthma Foundations, have been the leaders in asthma health care and research. As one of the country’s largest and most respected respiratory organisations, with offices and staff across the country, Asthma Australia provides life-changing services and funds world-class research to help free people from the limitations of their asthma. Each year Asthma Australia reaches more than 250,000 people with asthma, their families and carers and also supports and provides training, support and information resources to health professionals in the primary health care sector.

Now that we have successfully transitioned to iMIS 20 we look forward to implementing a new public website with RiSE, as it looks easy to use. We expect expanding self-service will lead to increased staff productivity and an improved online experience for our donors.


Asthma Foundation NSW had been using iMIS 10 for many years. While it was meeting their needs, the organisation was approaching a licensing record limit in their current installed database. Asthma Foundation NSW also wanted to move from a desktop version to a web-based central database that could manage training events, finances and fundraising activities — as well as allow them to manage their website from the same system.


After a review of systems on the market, Asthma Foundation NSW determined that upgrading to iMIS 20 was the desired option. Given the urgency of upgrading, they quickly set up a test server and staff began testing their day-to-day iMIS 10 business functionality on iMIS 20 to ensure that functionality previously enjoyed was still in place with the new version. They quickly found that iMIS 20 also offered opportunity for staff efficiencies, facilitated easier donor communications, and provided enhanced functionality which was not available in their older version.


Staff morale has increased as a result of the iMIS 20 upgrade with staff more engaged. The organisation is now able to streamline specific processes for sending asthma information kits, and other communications to new and existing contacts.

The key advantage of having the RiSE web development platform within iMIS 20 is that the Foundation and its external contacts have the ability to enter data directly to iMIS, reducing the need for many of the batch data entry processes previously required. They anticipate cost savings over time as other Foundations across Australia migrate to the Asthma Foundation central iMIS system. A single database will make good business sense for the organisation in terms of consistency of data, processes and reporting.