Client Success with iMIS

Girl Guides of Canada - Guides du Canada

iMIS Membership Software

Girl Guides of Canada-Guides du Canada has been the country's leading organization dedicated solely to girls for more than 100 years. With 90,000 members, they continually provide opportunities for girls of all walks of life to discover, explore, be adventurous and make a difference -- while building life skills that increase confidence and self-esteem.

We've been an iMIS client since 1995. The system has grown and changed according to our needs and continues to be a highly efficient, effective and easy-to-use tool. Our latest iMIS implementation definitely met our target objectives -- it was on-time and under-budget to the resounding pleasure of our stakeholders!


Girl Guides recognized that they needed a new system that could help them improve efficiency, reduce substantial paper work burdens on staff, and make the joining process simpler. They needed a system that was compatible with industry standard technology, could grow with them, and would be easy for their stakeholders to use. Most importantly, they wanted to implement the latest tools that would help them provide outstanding service to their members.


They chose iMIS because it was able to address all of their challenges at the time and had the flexibility and scalability to adapt as their needs changed in the future. With the iMIS system, they could streamline operations, improve processes, reduce administrative burdens, track trends, report on results, and provide more timely and personalized service to their members. The system also ensured that the organization continued to stay true to its governance requirements.


Stakeholders are extremely pleased with the scope of information at their fingertips, the functionality of the system, and its reliability. The Girl Guides’ fun, interactive website is powered by iMIS and allows the organization to provide more personalized content, self-service functionality, and a simpler way of joining. It contributes to the overall member experience and the organization’s extremely high retention rates. By removing manual processes, staff and volunteers can focus on the organization’s core objectives -- and membership continues to grow as a result.