Client Success with iMIS

Texas Medical Association

- Winner of an iMIS Great Things Award -

Texas Medical Association Success with iMIS Membership Software

Organized in 1853 to serve the people of Texas in matters of medical care, prevention and cure of disease, and the improvement of public health, the Texas Medical Association (TMA) is now the largest state medical society in the nation with more than 47,000 physician and medical student members.

iMIS has significantly improved access to the information we collect about our members and this data has enhanced the activities available from our association. The open, web-based platform has allowed us to not only improve our business but also better address the needs of our members.


To manage its membership activities prior to iMIS, TMA was using a home-grown RPG-written database that only its IT staff could access. IT had to process all queries and reporting and the system required manual data-entry processes that were time-intensive. TMA’s ability to share data was limited, their business processes needed to be streamlined, and they needed to lighten the workload burden on IT staff. The association felt they needed a web-based system to better support their members and programs online.


TMA implemented iMIS for membership management and to serve as its core repository for data. Staff and partners were given ready access to the web-based system for reporting, data sharing, membership retention, recruiting efforts, and fundraising. TMA utilized iMIS to manage events, track membership attendance at its annual meetings and leadership seminars, and to document continuing education courses and credits. The association was also able to more easily share its physician records internally and with county medical societies.


iMIS provides TMA with the unique combination of membership and fundraising functionality they need to better respond to member needs. TMA members can now renew their memberships, register for events, update personal data, and access their continuing medical education certificates -- all online. Internal processes are more efficient, staff can access the information and reporting they need, and manual data entry by IT staff is no longer necessary.