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It's easy with iMIS Engagement Management System (EMS) — the top-rated Bar Association Software by ASI.

iMIS is a powerful solution for Bar Associations

Complete system specifically designed for non-profit regulatory bodies like State Bar Associations.

iMIS Bar Association Membership Software gives you great insight into your interactions with your members

Turn data into actionable insights using visual dashboards for every department’s key performance indicators.

Access iMIS Bar Association Membership Software via the Cloud

Powered by the cloud and mobile-ready for your staff, members, and all constituents.

Bar Associations can customize their members experience with iMIS Software

Easy to configure, easy to upgrade, and easy to integrate.

iMIS Bar Association Membership Software is PCI-validated

World-class data security and the highest levels of PCI-validation of both application & hosting centers.

Keep your Bar Association's Software costs predictable with iMIS

Predictable and straightforward subscription pricing with no hardware or software to manage.




Powered by the Cloud Leader

We've partnered with Microsoft, and together we deliver a cloud experience that is 100% optimized for iMIS EMS. Powered by Microsoft Azure, the world's leading cloud computing platform used by 95% of Fortune 500 companies, ASI Cloud Services offers unparalleled scalability, reliability, and performance.


We are passionate about providing you with the software and services to propel your bar association forward.

Since 1991 we've helped thousands of associations grow revenue, reduce expenses, and improve performance through best practices, ongoing client advisement, and proven solutions. We believe that the work of bar associations is of vital importance to the world and are proud of the role that iMIS bar association software has served.

iMIS Bar Association Membership Software has more than fourty thousand users.



iMIS Bar Association Membership Software helps manage more than fifty million members.



iMIS Bar Association Membership Software is used in more than twenty countries.



Hawaii State Bar Association uses iMIS Bar Association Membership Software
State Bar of Georgia uses iMIS Bar Association Membership Software
State Bar of Texas uses iMIS Bar Association Membership Software
State Bar of Michigan uses iMIS Bar Association Membership Software
State Bar of New Mexico uses iMIS Bar Association Membership Software

The State Bar of Wisconsin uses iMIS Bar Association Membership Software to Succeed

Everything we do starts and ends with iMIS, from CLE tracking to membership dues, to accreditation and sections and committees, we know what our members are doing with us. A lot of organizations keep picking up new systems and end up pulling from multiple sources of information but with iMIS we strive to have only one record detailing everything our members do.


See what regulatory bodies like state bar associations are saying about iMIS Bar Association Membership Software.


iMIS EMS: More than your average bar association membership software or CRM.

Built to fuse database management and web publishing, iMIS EMS is the single cloud-based Engagement Management System (EMS)™ – that eliminates data silos, improves reporting and enables continuous performance improvement.

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More Powerful Than Any Association Management Software

Designed specifically for the regulatory requirements of Unified Bars (and specific needs of Metro Bar Associations), iMIS EMS provides:

  • Public grievances & attorney discipline management: Manage sophisticated submission process including automated notifications to key staff of deadlines & milestones. Posts results to the website at the conclusion of the investigation.
  • Secure case document management: Consolidate discipline and case results in accordance with state law that only authorized staff can access.
  • MCLE workflow processes: Easily manage course submissions, approvals, and billing of all CLE courses approved by the state. Manage course credits earned by direct import of class data. Assign CLE to appropriate lawyer as well as allowing for self-reporting according to your rules.
  • Flexible group list billing through designated admin: Law firm and office administrators can pay for dues, classes, products and events on behalf of each lawyer that works for the organization.
  • Lawyer referral service: Deploy online practice directories with real-time updates and rotations. Can be conformed to your own business practices.
  • Section management: Deploy online web portals we call Communities where each section can create specific areas of articles, news, collaborations, documents and list serves, that will maximize the use and utility of this paid member service.
  • Enable your members to do business with you 24/7: Give all constituents, including members and staff, full access to your bar association website and data while they're on the go.
  • Manage your entire web presence: Choose from a gallery of configurable, responsive site templates or integrate to your existing web Content Management System (CMS).
  • Achieve continuous performance improvement: Leverage and configure real-time KPIs through easily configured dashboards based on industry best practices.
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