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It's easy with iMIS Engagement Management Software (EMS) — top-rated Non-Profit Fundraising Software by ASI.

iMIS is a powerful solution for Fundraising Organizations

Broad range of features plus a library of add-on apps.

iMIS Non-Profit Fundraising Software gives you great insight into your interactions with your donors

Turn data into actionable insights with visual dashboards.

Access iMIS Non-Profit Fundraising Software via the Cloud

Powered by the cloud and mobile-ready for your staff and donors.

Your donors can customize their experience with iMIS Software

Easy to configure, easy to upgrade, and easy to integrate.

iMIS Non-Profit Fundraising Software is PCI-validated

World-class data security and PCI-validation.

Keep your Fundraising Organization's Software costs predictable with iMIS

Predictable subscription pricing with no hardware or software to manage.




Powered by the Cloud Leader

We've partnered with Microsoft, and together we deliver a cloud experience that is 100% optimized for iMIS EMS. Powered by Microsoft Azure, the world's leading cloud computing platform used by 95% of Fortune 500 companies, ASI Cloud Services offers unparalleled scalability, reliability, and performance.


We are passionate about providing you with the software and services to propel your fundraising organization forward.

Since 1991 we've helped thousands of fundraising organizations grow revenue, reduce expenses, and improve performance through best practices, ongoing client advisement, and proven solutions. We believe that the work of you and your donors is of vital importance to the world and are proud that iMIS non-profit fundraising software has served all types of fundraising organizations including charities, foundations, clubs and social service organizations, and many more.

iMIS Non-Profit Fundraising Software has more than fourty thousand users.



iMIS Non-Profit Software helps manage more than fifty million members.



iMIS Fundraising Software is used in more than twenty countries.




See what fundraising organizations are saying about iMIS non-profit fundraising Software:


iMIS EMS is more than your average fundraising software or CRM.

Built to fuse database management and web publishing, iMIS is a single cloud-based Engagement Management System (EMS)™ – that eliminates data silos, improves reporting and enables continuous performance improvement – giving you the intel and tools to drive growth.

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iMIS EMS is a Top-Rated Fundraising Software

Designed specifically for fundraising organizations, iMIS non-profit fundraising software can help you:

  • Get a unified view of every interaction: Manage donors, volunteers and other constituents of all types and complexity.
  • Easily measure engagement: Track and improve donor engagement through the built-in engagement scoring engine.
  • Create multi-faceted campaigns and events: Manage campaigns, pledge drives, major giving/donors, fundraising events/galas, and monthly giving.
  • Manage financial transactions with a PCI-validated solution: Allow supporters to make online donations, sign up for events, and buy products with one seamless process.
  • Connect your community: Empower your supporters to connect, communicate, and collaborate online through personal or team-based fundraising pages and tools.
  • Deliver timely, engaging communications: Engage your constituents with personalized, automated, and integrated multi-channel campaigns including email, direct mail, and telemarketing efforts.
  • Enable your donors to do business with you 24/7: Give your constituents — and staff — full access to your organization while they're on the go.
  • Improve your staff’s productivity: Eliminate manual tasks for your team through automated emails, scheduled tasks, and personalized alerts.
  • Manage your entire web presence: Choose from a gallery of configurable, responsive site templates or integrate to your existing web Content Management System (CMS).
  • Achieve continuous performance improvement: Leverage and configure real-time KPIs through easily configured dashboards based on industry best practices.
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