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iNNOVATIONS Conference

iNNOVATIONS Conference

iNNOVATIONS is ASI's annual iMIS EMS Conference for partners, clients and staff. For more than 20 years, attendees have participated in extensive learning and training sessions on the latest advances in iMIS EMS. At the conference, ASI also announces the winners of its global partner awards, and the coveted Great Things Awards for clients. In response to the continuing crisis with COVID-19, ASI was able to quickly turn the traditionally in-person conference into iNNOVATIONS LIVE - the first ever 100% virtual iNNOVATIONS conference!

Begin DateTitleRegionLocationEvent Type
Sep 29North AmericaOnline - EDT SeminarCB092921
Sep 29EuropeWebcastWebcastWC092921EU
Sep 30Asia-PacificOnline - AEST SeminarAP093021CB
Sep 30North AmericaWebcastWebcastWC093021
Sep 30EuropeWebcastWebcastWC093021EU
Oct 4North AmericaArlington VAConferenceNIUG1021
Oct 6North AmericaWebcastWebcastWC100621
Oct 7EuropeLondon ConferenceMEM1021
Oct 7North AmericaWebcastWebcastWC100721
Oct 7Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC100721AP
Oct 12North AmericaOnline - CDT SeminarCB101221
Oct 12Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC101221AP
Oct 13EuropeWebcastWebcastWC101321EU
Oct 14Asia-PacificOnline - AEST SeminarAP101421CB
Oct 14EuropeWebcastWebcastWC101421EU
Oct 22North AmericaOnline - PDT SeminarCB102221
Oct 25North AmericaVirtual Event Online ConferenceASAEDD1021
Oct 27Asia-PacificVirtual ConferenceAP102721
Oct 27North AmericaOnline - CDT SeminarCB102721
Oct 27Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC102721AP
Oct 28North AmericaOnline - EDT SeminarCB102821
Nov 3North AmericaWebcastWebcastWC110321
Nov 3EuropeWebcastWebcastWC110321EU
Nov 4Asia-PacificOnline - AEST SeminarAP110421CB
Nov 4North AmericaWebcastWebcastWC110421
Nov 4Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC110421AP
Nov 4EuropeWebcastWebcastWC110421EU
Nov 5North AmericaOnline - EDT SeminarCB110521
Nov 9Asia-PacificVirtual ConferenceAP110921
Nov 9North AmericaOnline - PST SeminarCB110921
Nov 9North AmericaHalifax NSConferenceCSAE1121
Nov 9Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC110921AP
Nov 10North AmericaOnline - CST SeminarCB111021
Nov 16North AmericaVirtual ConferenceAMS1121
Nov 17EuropeWebcastWebcastWC111721EU
Nov 18North AmericaOnline - CST SeminarCB111821
Nov 18North AmericaWebcastWebcastWC111821
Nov 18EuropeWebcastWebcastWC111821EU
Nov 24Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC112421AP
Nov 28Asia-PacificRotorua NZNConferenceNZ092621
Dec 1North AmericaWebcastWebcastWC120121
Dec 1Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC120121AP
Dec 1EuropeWebcastWebcastWC120121EU
Dec 2Asia-PacificOnline - AEST SeminarAP120221CB
Dec 7Asia-PacificOnline - AEST SeminarAP120721CB
Dec 7Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC120721AP
Dec 16North AmericaOnline - EST SeminarCB121621